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Shop the latest summer styles in top-selling silhouettes. A blend of pearlescent beads and antiqued finish gold make these pieces the perfect addition to your accessory assortment.

New Pearls

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  1. Open Pearl Ring
    Style # R628
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  43. Large Pearl Collar
    Style # N1740
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  61. Pearl Drop Necklace
    Style # N1138
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  64. Linear Pearl Stud
    Style # E2532
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Keep your boutique on trend with our selection of wholesale fashion pearl jewelry. Great for bridal wear and wedding guests, or businesswomen always on the go, pearls are always a must-have! From adjustable wholesale pearl rings to chunky pearl bracelets, stock up your shop with the pearl styles all women love!

Pearls are universally flattering and elevate an outfit instantly. With the growing popularity, it's important to carry a wide selection of pearl fashion jewelry. Modern silhouettes are a must, as they appeal to younger buyers as well. If you are also looking for pearls in unique colors besides classic ivory, we suggest that you check out our champagne and black pearl beaded designs.

Wholesale fashion pearl jewelry is essential, regardless of the season. Pearls are great to wear for spring holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day. Pearl fashion jewelry is also great for boutiques to carry during fall and winter - as it makes for a great accessory to any outfit or a gift for the holidays!

All of ZENZII pearl jewelry is made of premium-grade acrylic faux pearls. Our beaded pearl jewelry is high-quality and scratch-resistant. All of ZENZII pearl jewelry is made of synthetic materials, Because of this, we are able to make the beads in many different sizes. While some may be chunky in size, every pearly style is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Looking for a modern spin, check out the newest pearl styles that have been reimagined. hile we carry classic styles such as beaded collar necklaces, beaded pearl bracelets, and beaded pearl drop earrings - we also have many more modern renditions of popular pearly styles. With this, you can supply your e-commerce and boutique customers with pearlescent designs that are both timeless and contemporary.

We carry wholesale pearl hoop earrings in a variety of sizes and colors that your customers will love! They go with just about anything, casual-wear, evening-wear, and more. If your customers love layering jewelry, we have a great selection of wholesale pearl pendant necklaces that come with gold-tone and silver-tone accents.

We also carry hand-beaded pearl styles and designs incorporating both pearl and crystal beads. If you are looking for eye-catching window pieces or accessories to really wow shoppers, having a sophisticated assortment of pearl jewelry will do just the trick!

ZENZII pearl fashion jewelry is incredibly versatile. Although we are constantly creating new designs for you, we always keep our best-selling and most popular jewelry in stock. Costume pearl jewelry is essential to any boutique business, it never goes out of style. Regardless of where your shop is located, we have pearl styles that are delicate for bohemian boutiques and dramatic for formal wear.

For your customers with sensitivity to most jewelry, shop confidently knowing that all of our wholesale pearlescent costume jewelry is hypo-allergenic. Carrying a wide selection of ZENZII pearl earrings will allow them to wear the latest pearl earring trends while still feeling comfortable.

As an online wholesale statement necklace supplier, we made shopping the latest pearl styles easy! Reordering and restocking is very simple - just shop for your favorite pearl necklace styles, and our reliable team will make sure to ship it as soon as possible. There are no minimum order quantities with ZENZII fashion pearl jewelry. This means you can buy as many or as little of each style, so you can see what works best for your shop. You can also customize color quantities depending on your fulfillment needs for your shop.

As a boutique owner, you are always looking for the latest trends in high-quality styles your customers will adore. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, which is why we offer such a unique and wide variety. Modern and contemporary or fancy and elegant, our luxurious faux pearl styles are a staple for any fashion-forward shop.

You can shop our trendy wholesale costume statement pearl jewelry with our convenient 30-day return policy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, shipping and returns are always hassle-free with us. If you need jewelry delivered to you fast, we offer multiple convenient shipping options - as well as payment options. Regardless of where your shop is based, shop confidently knowing that you will receive your order with our reliable, worldwide shipping. So you can have all of the latest and greatest pearl fashion trends available to your shoppers.